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Komatsu Final Drives

  • Komatsu Final Drives from Travel Motors Direct


Enjoy the advantages of buying new and get peace of mind with your new, Komatsu final drive. Travel Motors Direct can supply you with the right replacement final drive for your Komatsu excavator. We provide the best quality Komatsu final drives at great prices. Contact us with your requirements and we'll help you find the replacement final drive model you need and deliver it to you on time, wherever you are in New Zealand or Australia.

• PC15MR

• PC18MR

• PC30-6 • PC30-7

• PC40-3 • PC40-6 • PC40-7

• PC45-1 • PC45MR-1 • PC45R-8

• PC50UU-1 • PC50UU-2 • PC50UU-3

• PC60-3 • PC60-5 • PC60-6 • PC60-7

• PC75UU-1 • PC75UU-2 • PC75UU-3

• PC100 ALL

• PC120-5 • PC120-6

• PC130-6 • PC130-7

• PC200-7

• PC210-7

• PC220-8

• PC228US-2 • PC228US-3

If your Digger Model in not listed please enquire

All new final drives come with a warranty please enquire with our staff

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